Witchcraft And World-View.


Historically the witchcraft label has been applied to practices people believe influence the mind, body, or property of others against their will. Call it hypnosis, call it whatever you will, but every . attempt to adjust or control the mind of another, is essentially . a form of witchcraft. By moulding world-views, the modern-day sorcerer creates the perception, manipulates and defines the perceived reality.

He creates the structure for self-organizing transformation. He believes no meta-narratives but orchestrates them for others .He is an opportunistic paradigm-shifter, shape-shifter, chameleon, trickster–—Iona Miller.

Numbers in the Bible each have a spiritual significance, 6 being representative of the evils of Satan and sinful man. 7 is the great spiritual number of perfection, and 13 is symbolic of lawlessness and rebellion. The word ”witchcraft” appears a total of 7 times in 6 verses, and therefore represents the opposition between sinful man and a Holy God. 6+7=13, the spirit of rebellion and lawlessness. And of course the number 13 is of great importance in witchcraft.

”Rebellion,” says God, ”is as the sin of witchcraft.” (1Samuel 15:23.) Noah’s son Ham was profane. His grandson Nimrod (Gilgamesh)was the 13th generation from Adam, and he of course, was a tyrant, and ”began to be a mighty one” in the earth. (Genesis 10:8 ).

Genesis 14:4. Twelve years they served Chedorlaomer, and in the thirteenth year they rebelled.

It is no coincidence that rebellion occurred in the 13th year, any more than chapter and verse numbers are a coincidence. 14+4=18, which is 3×6, and we all know what 3 sixes represents.

Witchcraft is the force that rules the world on the human level. The Satanic black magicians pull the strings, not politicians, corporate bosses, military heads, intelligence chiefs or even international bankers, although they also hold many of those roles.

The Illuminati elite fulfil a clandestine role disguised by  a more respectable public role. While many Satanic black magicians are also businessmen, politicians, and bankers, their true ruling power comes from honouring Satan, the usurper god of this world. . Satanic practises, such as ritualistic child abuse, and the use of black magic, is the network they incorporate to support and empower their secular roles in society.

It is also black magic that is behind the unspeakable phenomenon of missing children. Some of these children are being deliberately kidnapped and taken down into elite controlled underground facilities where they are mind controlled, turned into slaves and where some of them are even sacrificed at Satanic rituals.

If that is too difficult to believe, take a long deep breath and listen to the highly disturbing testimonies of various mind control victims, researchers, Illuminati defectors or ET contactees, such as Cathy O’Brien, ”Mary Anne,” Svali, ”Alex Collier,”and many others.

Biblical World-view.

When speaking of ”the world” the Bible is not referring to the earth, or the planet we live ON, but to humanity, and the duration of the habitable age that we live IN. This present world is the world which, amazingly, God so loved. (John 3:16.) It began with Adam, and will end at the 2nd coming of Christ.

One way of understanding the “world” which I’ve personally found to be helpful, is to imagine it as an extremely long and permanently sealed cylinder, with one single entry point at one end, and one single exit point at the other.

With no say in the matter whatsoever, each of us are literally and physically forced into the cylinder via the portal of the womb. When the mother’s waters break, a series of contractions ensures that all men who arrive into the world are once-born of water, and although born innocent, all are destined to sin and to die.

We will go into more detail later, but we are each here under judgement, and all once-born men are subject to death from the moment of birth, and hence are born subject to the god of this world who holds ‘the power of death.’ In other words, this world into which we were born could rightly and literally be classed as a .terminal prison, a death-camp, and humanity are its prisoners.

Although . constantly faced with choices, we have no other choice but to be carried by time as we pass through the cylinder, until finally we arrive at the exit. With no say in the matter whatsoever, each of us leave the cylinder via the portal of death.

According to the Bible, the true rulers of the spiritual darkness of this ‘cylinder’ or . world, . are the” high ones on high”, known as the principalities and powers. (Ephesians 6:12. ) Along with a legion of lesser entities known as devils or demons, they operate under the leadership of Satan, who is called the god of this world, (2 Corinthians 4:4 ) and it is he who holds the power of death. (Hebrews 2:14 ).

On a human level, the world is governed by ”the kings of the earth,” who are often the basest of men. (Daniel 4:17.)

This world is run by paedophiles, Satanists, mass-murderers and fraudsters. We can only make sense of the true reality of the world that we live in, when we start to recognize that the kings of the earth who acknowledge the ”high ones” as gods, or the Ascended Masters as benevolent extra-terrestrials,, are actually working on their behalf for both have the same agenda. A One World Government, at the expense of the slaughter of billions. A mass human blood sacrifice.

The . greatest deception of all time, is that man is not sinful but inherently good, and hence does not need a Saviour. For all you ”truth-seekers” out there, I ask this question. How can something which is inherently ”good” possibly be subject to something as wicked as death?

No man by natural birth (of water) has ever been born into the kingdom of God, but into the darkness of the kingdom of the god who holds the power of death.

Ever wonder why Jesus said; ”Ye MUST be born again?” Not of water, and delivered into the world once more, but this time, to be born of the Spirit of God, and delivered OUT of the world.

I am the only way to the Father, said Jesus, (John 14:6).and the Father judges no man. (John 5:22.)


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